Kingdom Valley Islamabad is providing exceptional and notable facilities to its consumers. It is a marvelous venture that features a tranquil and comfortable aura beautifully blended with a frantic ambience. The master plan is extraordinarily put together to enlighten the residents with universal standard luxuries while dwelling in Kingdom Valley. In short, the exceptional project has so much in store for its investors and residents. Some of the distinctive features the project retain are mentioned below:

Health Care Units

The most substantial and significant feature Kingdom Valley possesses is efficient health care units in close proximity. The layout plan is magnificently developed while keeping in mind the consumer’s ease. The Health Care units are perfectly equipped with adequate beds and medical equipment’s for their precious residents. Therefore, Kingdom Valley Islamabad offers its residents superior medical care.

Grand Mosque

Society is outfitted to accommodate any sort of resident’s requirements, including religious ones. The developers are constructing a gorgeous large Jamia mosque for Islamic prayers. This mosque will be extravagant, complete with cutting-edge technology and architecture.

Environmentally friendly

The community will offer an environmentally friendly, close-to-nature lifestyle along with all contemporary facilities. The proximity to nature will deliver an exclusive experience never witnessed before in any other Pakistani housing scheme.

Water Resources 

Water is the foundation of a sustainable housing scheme. So, water demands are the utmost priority of Kingdom Group. They have been taken into account by society. Water reservoirs will be built, storing a vast amount of water that will be easily accessible to the residents for their everyday needs. Additionally, water filters will be installed within society premises to certify clean water. 


Kingdom Group is a protected community filled with high-level security conveniences. It is perfectly developed with a boundary wall that restricts individuals from entering society. Moreover, the entrance is equipped with guards, which will only permit authorized people inside the community. Any sort of negligence in security matters won’t be tolerable. 

Community Centers

Community Centers will serve as a beam of social life for residents who desires to stay socially active. Residents can effortlessly join the community center and take pleasure in it. 


Who doesn’t like witnessing a stunning place magnificently filled with placid aura, combined with frenzy air? The kingdom Valley Islamabad is exquisitely developed with an eye-catching infrastructure. Buildings are being styled with polished skills and contemporary technologies to ensure outstanding finishing at the end.


Death is inevitable

Death and inescapable are two words that go perfectly with each other. Doesn’t matter how much we try to escape it; we all will die one day. Though we can’t stop our loved one’s death, but we can surely relish their demise by visiting their graves regularly. That is why the kingdom group has exceptionally built a graveyard within the society premises. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about the cemetery’s cleanliness and hygiene; society will take suitable measures to take care of the cemetery. 

Educational Institutes

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Mahatma Gandhi

The significance of education is exquisitely illustrated in this quote by Mahatma Gandhi. Nothing on this earth can undo the importance education holds. That is why the kingdom group has given special prominence to education institutes. The master plan features high standard schools and colleges that will assist the student in attaining the finest education possible. 

Theme Parks

A society having all essential needs but missing out on entertainment isn’t a society but a mere place to live.

But you don’t have to worry about it, as the kingdom group has developed theme parks for its residents to have a close relationship with nature. Young children and families can spend their leisure time there.

Kingdom Valley Facilities and Amenities

Kingdom Valley is a high-standard society, remarkably developed with top-notch facilities and amenities. It doesn’t matter how much we deny it; a life without luxury is a lemonade without lemons. Kingdom Valley provides you with a gold pass to live in the house of your dreams filled with all sorts of amenities. Here are the salient features of the Kingdom Valley venture:

  • Economical and Budget-friendly.
  • Protected community.
  • 24/7 Electricity. 
  • Quality Development.
  • Incomparable Infrastructure.
  • Well-thought-out master plan. 
  • Sports Complex.
  • Medical Care Units.
  • Eco-friendly community.
  • Water resources.