Naya Pakistan Housing Program

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf-led government’s Naya Pakistan Housing Program aims to encourage housing. The goal of this project is to give affordable homes to the homeless and low-income families. It would also help Pakistan’s economy by giving work opportunities for its youth. Previous Pakistani governments paid little attention to the housing sector. They didn’t have any debate about it in parliament, so it was more than just a political campaign for them. Approximately 4 million people in metropolitan Pakistan are currently homeless.

Naya Pakistan Housing and Development Authority

The government established the Naya Pakistan Housing & Development Authority (NAPHDA) on 15 January 2020 through a Parliament Act. This entity was established by the government for the objectives of planning, development, and construction, as well as the management of other real estate projects, mostly housing. It has since evolved into the Government’s Developing Arm, with many goals in the areas of housing and infrastructure development. In addition, it runs on a profit and nonprofit margin throughout the country. It also intends to provide a single-window process for all real estate investors and builders through a Facilitation Center.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is a strong supporter of the Authority. It is housed in the Prime Minister’s Secretariat’s Cabinet Division. It also has its own policy board, which consists of eleven people. Representatives from both the public and private sectors sit on the board. The NAPHDA’s main office is in Islamabad’s Prime Minister’s Secretariat.

In addition, the NPHDA intends to open Regional Offices in all of Pakistan’s provinces. They also intend to conduct various surveys and technological researches. The goal of this research would be to collaborate with banks and other financial organisations in order to obtain mortgage loans. It would also include various financing options to provide low-income people with affordable housing.

How to register for the scheme NPHP

There some very easy and simple steps for registration process in NPHP or Kingdom Valley Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

  • After entering into NPHP online portal, you would be asked to click on Register Online tab or -Register at E-Sahulat
  • Enter your CNIC number for verification of your citizenship
  • After verification, click on payment option. You can pay via credit/debit card or Easy Paisa.
  • When you pay PKR 250, you will then receive a form which you can fill for registration in NPHS.
  • Fill your details about city name, number of rooms in your house, and number of family members correctly, otherwise your application would be rejected.
  • After the registration, you will get an online receipt. Download that and keep it with you for further processing.

Additional plans

Bonds, Sukuk, Real Estate Investment Trusts, and Certificates of Term Finance are among the other schemes that the Authority intends to establish. Those plans would achieve the goal of providing financial assistance to low-cost housing projects. In addition, the owners would have access to other services such as design consultants, technical evaluation, and faultless observation. NAPHDA may choose some of its actions, such as development projects using various approaches, such as public-private partnerships. The government believes that such programmes will make it easier for citizens to purchase homes.