real estate projects in Rawalpindi are countless, but in those only those that are trustable that are approved. It is crucial to verify the legal status of any property development before purchasing. Many residential complexes around Pakistan offer appealing living and investment prospects.

On the other hand, Rawalpindi is one of the essential financial hubs in Pakistan, where the property market is booming. Rawalpindi has a plethora of top-notch residential complexes where residential properties are available at affordable prices. These civilizations have been meticulously organized, with fantastic amenities and potential future profits. Before participating in a housing program, you should look into the developers, the site, the project plan, the future potential, the neighbourhood, and so on. In addition to these considerations, the legal standing of the residential complex is the most critical.

Property business dynamics are shifting with every single day. When company possibilities improve, the number of fraudulent actions may increase at the same time. Before getting involved in any of these ventures, one must keep an eagle’s eye on them.

RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) is a Rawalpindi-based organization that combats illicit housing developments. In addition, the RDA sends approval notices to the legal bodies. If you plan to engage in a property development project in Rawalpindi, be sure it has been approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) to avoid potential scams or fraud. The RDA has compiled a database of all licensed housing organizations. There must be no obstacles in your way if you choose to engage in any of them. You can put your money into any of these projects without hesitation or serious doubt.

RDA Approved Housing initiatives

A succession of permits from the specified development body is necessary for an authorized housing proposal. Investing in such a housing scheme is dangerous and considered unapproved/illegal until a developer or owner gets all of these permits. It also isn’t in people’s best interests to invest in housing cooperatives that have only received preliminary authorization. So, below is a rundown of all the RDA-approved real estate projects in Rawalpindi in which you can make a stable investment and possibly build a home in the coming. The Rawalpindi Development Authority’s webpage also has the list.

  • ABAD Cooperative Housing Society
  • Airport Green Garden
  • Army Welfare Housing Scheme (DHA-1)
  • Bahria Paradise
  • Bahria Town (Phase-I, II & III-Partially)
  • Bahria Town Phase-VIII (Partially)
  • Bostan Avenue Housing Project
  • CBR Cooperative Society
  • Clifton Town real estate project
  • Capital Smart City
  • Commoner Sky Gardens Housing Scheme, Murree
  • Doctors Cooperative Housing Society
  • Eastridge Housing Scheme
  • Elite Reverie
  • Faisal Town
  • Fazaia Housing Scheme
  • Federation of Railway Employees and Cooperative Society
  • Foreign Office Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  • Gandhara City
  • Garden Villas
  • Golden Jubilee Cooperative Housing Society
  • Gulshan-e-Fatima
  • Judicial Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  • Kehkashan Town
  • Khudadad City
  • Kohsar View Housing Project
  • Multi Gardens
  • Mumtaz City (Revised)
  • Municipal Corporation Cooperative Housing Scheme (Sector A&B)
  • Pakistan Atomic Energy Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  • Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  • PARC Cooperative Housing Scheme
  • PIA Officers Co-operative Housing Society
  • Rabia Banglows
  • Rawalpindi Railway Employees Cooperate Housing Society
  • Revenue Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  • Safari Enclave II (Land Sub Division)
  • Safari Villas-I
  • Safari Villas-II
  • Sanober City
  • Shalimar Town (Extension)
  • Shifa Cooperative Housing Scheme
  • T&T Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  • Taj Residencia (Extension)
  • Taj Residencia
  • Tarnol Housing Scheme
  • Top City (Revised)
  • University Town Pvt Ltd
  • Up-Country Enclosure

Rawalpindi is the capital of Pakistan and is located in a moderate climate zone. Furthermore, it is one of the most attractive places to reside. As a result, it is currently Pakistan’s only well-planned and administered city. As a result, it is viewed as a risk-free investment in the property market. It can also be reached by the M-1 & M-2 motorways from Punjab and KPK.

As a consequence, it can be regarded as an ideal place to live and invest. Rawalpindi started as a small town with merely a few neighborhoods. Previously, the local government represented most of the population, but this is no longer the case. Every Pakistani believes that they must own property, preferably a house, in Islamabad or Rawalpindi.


Real estate frauds are an awful reality, but it’s fair to say that, due to technological advances, property corruption isn’t as frequent as it once was. Real estate remains the most advantageous region for investment when considering the current demographic boom and urban inflow in Rawalpindi. But first, you must undertake thorough research to determine whether the estate you intend to invest in is subject to any legal restrictions. The Rawalpindi District Administration has formed a statutory authority to register private housing associations in this respect.