We are here to provide you with a complete guideline for buying a home as a government employee.Are you a government employee and want to buy a home?

In our country, Pakistan, government employees used to live in the government- allotted quarters, flats, and houses. They have no such approach to buying houses, but only a few employees get a permanent home to their name while others wander here and there and become tenants after retirement. After retirement, they seek to own a house, but it is too late for them. It happens due to a lack of guidance and no proper consultation in our country. That’s why it is better to plan for it before retirement.

In the following, we will share some of the tips that will help government employees buy a house for themselves.

Buying a home as a government employee:

A government job can bring huge incentives, compensation, and amenities to one’s life. Still, at the same time, there are financial challenges also which constrain an employee from buying a home. The first challenge is there are salary limitations that stop an employee from owning a house. Still, there is a ray of hope and possibility that you can grab a home on a limited budget and in a decent place.

Complete Guide-Manage your financial assets:

The first matter you need to look into is financial assets. A minimum down payment for a plot or house in Pakistan is 10%-15% which if converted into Rupees is roundabout 5 lakh to 20 lakh. The booking price changes as it depends on the location and size of the house and plot. So, for the given reasons, you have to manage your assets and be capable yourself to pay at least a down payment.

Complete Guide-How to manage assets:

Well, there are few through which you can collect and manage assets. The following are some of the ways for managing assets:

General Provident funds:

If you have served in any government organization for 20 to 25 years, then you will be aware of the provident funds. At the age of 45 or 50, it is best to receive your provident fund for the sake of buying a house. It will be a minimum of 15 to 20 lakh, and the maximum goes high depending on the service duration and grade.

Golden Handshake:

Another best way to acquire wealth and manage assets is receiving a golden handshake from the government. In several ministries and governmental organizations, the employees willingly give the golden handshake. So, those employees who have a meager salary and savings can benefit from it.


The provincial governments and federal governments in Pakistan have announced a government employee loan scheme over the course. Recently Punjab and KP governments also launched an interest-free loan program for employees working of grades 01 to 15. Later on, they exceeded the program, and the higher grades employees were also eligible to get the loans on zero interest.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme:

The initiative of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, is in full swing to provide 50 lakh houses to the residents of Pakistan. Along with other citizens, government employees can benefit from it and buy a house in several housing societies affiliated with the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. Kingdom Valley is the best among the prominent housing societies because it is one of the economic housing societies in the proximity of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Also, the process of buying a plot and the booking price is merely PKR 1 lakh for a 5 Marla plot. As long as the smart villas are concerned, you can own them for PKR 60 to 70 lakh.


The above tips and advice are for government employees, and by following them, one can easily buy a house in Pakistan.