This article will answer the most asked questions asked by the visitors on our website; “Why the tenants move out of rentals?”

The tenants are the real assets of a lessor. The lessee gives the lessor capital in terms of monthly rents. However, when a tenant moves out of the rental, the owner’s situation worsens. Normally, a tenant never leaves a place once he starts residing in it. But a certain scenario creates, which compels the tenant to move out of the rental and search for a new home for himself. In this article, we will highlight the obvious reasons that force the lessee to leave the place. Therefore, read the article till the end to learn why the tenants move out of rentals.

The rent is too high

The first reason we have noticed over the years is that when the rental fee is too high for a tenant, he then thinks about the other possible options within a limited budget. In the federal capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad, the rents are too high compared to other cities of Pakistan. So, when a pariah starts residing in Islamabad, he has no idea about the rents of a house or flats.

The irony is that the house owner takes advantage of the start – as the tenant is new to Islamabad- and charges him more than the fair rental fee. However, after spending a month or two in that particular place, the tenant moves out in search of a better place and leaves the owner out of options. So, that’s why, being a lessor, you need to set the rental fee always a fair cost.

The apartment size doesn’t meet the requirements

In some cases, the apartment is too small to meet the requirements of 4-person family members, let alone the big families. That’s why the tenants move out of the rental because that place is not meeting their needs. In that regard, you can add some extra yards to the home to entice the tenants to live for the long run in your place. However, if adding extra space is not possible, you need to advertise your flat exactly. You don’t need to boast and brag about your property when you post an ad in the advertisement campaign.

The living environment is not good for living

Another reason that counts a lot in giving your property a market value is a living environment. Human, by nature, loves to live in an environment that is tranquil and peaceful. If such qualities don’t exist, they leave that place without wasting time. So, if you are the property owner and want to place it for rent, you have to make sure that the living environment is peaceful, calm, and sound.

Lack of basic needs in a property

People love to reside in such places when there is a plethora of basic needs, i.e., water, gas, electricity, internet, and commercial shops. On the contrary, when there are no such facilities, people opt to leave that place and search for a better place. It is one of the main reasons tenants move out of rentals and seek another place to live.

The owner’s attitude is not good

We also noted that on some occasions, a tenant leaves the place because of the owner’s rude behavior. The uncivilized behavior contains disturbing the tenants’ privacy, asking him for the fare before the due date, and playing loud music in the house, which creates a chaotic environment in the tenants’ living place. Also, another thing that compels the tenant to move out of the rentals is that the owner is not jovial and doesn’t lucid the due demands of the tenant on time, which creates rifts between the tenant and the landlord.

Reasonable excuses

Reasonable excuses are something for which the landlord is not responsible. It may be possible that the tenant will make all the consent and lucidity and move out of the rentals for some valid reasons. Either his job is relocated to a different place for which he must have to shift to another location. However, it is a reason that when a tenant faces such things, he opts to leave the place and plea to the landlord.

Showing lethargy to the tenant

It is the landlord’s responsibility to provide the tenants with all the emergency numbers, local mechanic numbers, and services provider company. The reason is the tenant is not a native but a pariah, and in case of any inconvenience, he will move out of the option. Therefore, the landlord needs to provide the contact numbers of local technical people like plumbers, electricians, mechanics, etc. When the landlord fails to cooperate with the tenant, he moves out of the rental. sometimes they are in search of plot on installment in Islamabad.


We can conclude that the reasons mentioned above are the possible reasons that compel the tenant to move out of the rental and seek a better place.